We work with a lot of smaller agencies on a day-to-day basis.  They are all striving to keep their clients happy and do some effective marketing for them.  Unfortunately, a great many of them are in the business of just creating marketing assets for their clients.  Want a website?  Sure we can do that.  Want a Facebook page?  Here you go.  Want to do some PPC?  We’ll certainly help you set that up.

Unfortunately, there are 3 major problems with this approach.

1.) The marketing agency isn’t creating long-term clients

By just doing one asset after another asset,  the agency isn’t creating a long-term relationship with the client.  They’ll come to the agency when they need their next asset. While they may come now, in future if they find someone who is a little cheaper, they’ll probably go with them.  Every agency wants long-term clients, so you have to start creating programs that will keep them.

2.) The marketing agency isn’t doing effective marketing

By just creating assets for the client, the agency isn’t really helping the client.  They are still allowing their clients to believe “if we build it, they will come” mentality.  A website on its own, doesn’t usually do the client any good.  They need sustained marketing efforts around the client’s marketing assets to see real results. Each marketing asset will need to be nurtured on a monthly basis, and the marketing agency should be the best ones to do that.

3.) The marketing agency isn’t creating marketing accounts

By just doing one-off asset creation, the agency isn’t creating a monthly marketing account.  If the agency is just creating assets, they’ll only be working with a client when the need the next asset. The agency needs to start building marketing accounts.  Ones where each month they are working with the clients assets to build momentum, increase awareness, and see definitive results for their clients. The need to spend time with the client, and develop a comprehensive strategy, that requires monthly work for the agency to accomplish the goals of the client.

So, if you are an ad agency that has primarily been working with creating marketing assets, instead of sustained monthly marketing campaigns.  You need to STOP!  Help your clients be effective, and grow your marketing accounts into long-term clients.


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Jeremy Laidlaw