No Time

On a day-to-day basis, I am rubbing shoulders with marketing agencies. Overwhelming I find that most of their staff are short on time. Their to-do lists are only getting bigger. They have a lot on the go, and always are rushing around to do the most urgent item on their list. They hardly have time to breath it would seem. Unfortunately, I can’t add more time to your day, but hopefully these 5 ideas might help you find more time in your day, and have you doing the things you really should be doing.

1.) Prioritize your day
Before you start your day, you need to really prioritize your day. Before you get to your email, your phone messages, or engage other staff, you need to take a few moments to think through all the tasks you need to get down for the day, and what their priority they are. Ideally have your heavy thinking tasks in the morning, when you are a little fresher. Decide on your top 3 priorities for the day. By deciding on the top 3, you now have a gameplan for your day, before the rush of emails, calls and meetings take over.

2.) Don’t let email rule your life
Many people feel like they need to be checking their email constantly, and adjusting their priorities to their day to accommodate these immediate requests. You can’t let email control your life. Instead of checking it every time an alert comes up, look at it a few times during the day. Maybe it is hourly, maybe it is in the morning, after lunch, and towards the end of the day. Make an effort to look at it less. Then when things do come in that demand your time. Decide if it trumps the priority of the 3 items you picked in the morning. If not, then do it after you have your 3 items done. Don’t allow email to rule every aspect of your work day.

3.) Organize your workspace
I get the privilege of working 2-3 days at home, and as a result of I have 2 workspaces. In general I have very little on my desk at work, but at home, between work and personal stuff, the space tends to get very full, and disorganized. Working in a disorganized environment can cost you time when you are trying to find that one document you need. Also, a disorganized office space, can really throw someone off, and make them less productive overall, than a nice clean environment. So, when the clutter gets too much, I have to clean it up, and immediately I seem to find myself work a little bit harder and faster as a result.

4.) Write it down
Throughout the day, whether thoughts, an email, or another staff member reminding you about more things you have to-do. Instead of committing it to memory, have a sheet of paper beside you at your workspace, and write it down. By writing it down, you no longer need to “remember” it, and you can focus at the task-at-hand. When the end of the day comes, and you have to think through the following day, you will have your notes right there to remind you.

5.) Make time for the bigger picture
In our very busy days, we are sometimes are so overwhelmed to take time to even think. The problem with always dealing with the here and now, is that you aren’t allowing yourself to consider the bigger picture. What improvements you might be able to make to your job, your business, your life, etc. We all need to build into our day, just a little time to think about some longer range ideas, goals, or improvements. Whether it is in the shower, at the gym, on the way to work, or at our workspace. We need to have those 15min to 30mins to really consider what other options there might be. Take the time, and see how looking at the bigger picture, can change how you do the urgent work you have.

Whether you work at a creative agency or not, I hope that you will be able to use these suggestions to find a bit more time in your day for the important stuff.

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Michael  Koehler

Michael is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Rnked Marketing Directors.  He leads the day to day operations of the brokerage team - spending his day working with both agencies and business, trying to make amazing matches happen.