Drumming up new business for a marketing or digital agency can be quite the challenge. Word of mouth, and referrals only go so far. Capturing the digital market usually entails, at some point, using Google Adwords to garner some leads. This can be an expensive endeavor. If you offer SEO Services in Philadelphia be prepared to pay $50.79 per click. Here is a breakdown of Google Adwords most expensive keywords for ad, creative, digital, marketing and SEO agencies.

What kind of agency are you? If you are one that provides SEO services, that will cost you $23.36 per click. If on the other hand you are a creative agency, that will only cost you $6.62 per click. SEO also gets search over 8,000 times per month in the USA and Canada. Whereas creative agency is under 2,000. The weighted average of the main types of agencies, advertising, creative, digital, marketing and SEO will cost you $15.20 per click.

What about marketing agency keywords for some US cities? Philadelphia is the most expensive at $15.78 per click. While Atlanta is the cheapest at only $10.23 per click. Los Angeles agencies get searched the most at 2,450, while Dallas is only searched 490 times. The average for these location specific agency keywords is $11.91.

If you are in Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami or New York, then, depending on the type of agency, you can be paying anywhere from $25.69 to $50.79 per click.

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We have summarized all of these interesting facts in the following Infographic:

Most Expensive Marketing Agency Keywords in Google Adwords

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