A few months ago, I came across AdAge Power150 that used to rank Marketing blogs according to their social media followers. The tool has since been taken down, but I thought it was a neat idea and decided to do it for the Top50 Ad Agencies.

Some Caveats
Now, I realize that followers don't necessarily mean engagement with those followers but I thought it was a quick and easy way to compare agencies. Sure there are ways to buy followers, but I trust that big agencies aren’t buying followers. Especially not to increase their ranking on Top50.

I also realize that like the cobbler's children have no shoes, an agency may claim they not put the same effort into their own online presence as they do their clients. That being said, I still think that if an agency claims it can increase your brand online, and hasn’t done a very good job with their own presence, it says something.

The list is just a fun project that I thought might be of interest both to those looking for an agency, but also for agencies themselves as a comparative tool. With links to each agency’s website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, it also will help those researching agencies.

The Agency Score
Well, how was I to rank agencies based on their online presence. Easiest was to take the 3 major social media outlets of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and look at their followers. So, the sum of these 3 plus I wanted to consider how much traffic was getting to their website. So, I used the Alexa ranking. I realize not the most optimal way, but with easy access, it would give at least a gauge on their traffic. As Alexa rating are from best to worse, mean a small score is better, I had to invert the relationship, so I took the ranking and divided 1 Billion by it, and summed it to the followers.

The Selection Process
With tens of thousand of agencies out there, how was I going to find the Top50. Well, I had a few decisions to make. Firstly, I didn’t want to have the list dominated by a few big agencies and their multiple offices, so I only included either the international site, or their biggest office. Also, I tried to stay away from the large holding companies. I kept ad agencies a little broad, and did include some PR firms, etc. Then I went and checked some of the lists on the Internet to gather the biggest and best out there. I also, added some of the agencies we work with, as well as some of those in our target market, to see how they compare. I started out with 126, but plan to add weekly, and now it is up to 146. If you would like your ad agency added, please let us know.

The Response
So far, the response has been incredible. What was an initial fun project has gotten huge response. I will leave it for another blog, but a post on reddit, went on to get a post on DesignTaxi, which was followed by a article on AdWeek. From there it exploded and has resulted in over 25,000 visitors and request from over 150 agencies to be added. Agencies seem to enjoy the comparison, and though there have been a few naysayers, overall the response has been amazing.

I’m glad that the tool has been useful for many, and has helped us feature our PIVOTSTACK software offering to agencies.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Top50 or PIVOTSTACK please contact us.

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Michael  Koehler

Michael is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Rnked Marketing Directors.  He leads the day to day operations of the brokerage team - spending his day working with both agencies and business, trying to make amazing matches happen.