When I look around the web, there are more and more sites, information, reports and analytics being developed regarding Business Intelligence. The term "Business Intelligence" brings up 14.5M results on Google and 110,000 monthly searches, according to Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner. Yet when I look up "Business Intelligence" and “Advertising Agencies” together, there are only 110,000 Google results and zero volume in the monthly searches. It amazes me that at a time when marketing is getting more complex, and more integral to businesses, that marketing agencies aren’t trying to pursue Business Intelligence, not only to run their own operations, but also the marketing campaigns of their clients.

I looked deeper, and found that there are hardly any businesses or software packages that exist to bring Business Intelligence to advertising agencies. I was surprised that though there were plenty of BI solutions, none of them had an advertising agency specific solution. As I dove deeper in the BI solutions that existed, I saw that they were fairly expensive enterprise solutions for the most part, with pricing far above what the average small to mid-sized agency could afford.

The wheels starting churning for me. On top of our project management solution we are providing, we needed to add a depth that no other solutions currently provide. Business Intelligence metrics that would allow the advertising agency to view, change, and monitor crucial aspects to the operation of not only their agency, but also to the marketing services that they are providing their clients.

We need to develop core metrics, that allow an executive to be able to see the daily operations of their agency, and clearly see where the issues are that are arising, how best to fix them, and how to make sure their agency is running on all cylinders.

Even when I looked at Marketing Analytics solutions that give an overall score, as well as scores for each aspect of a client’s marketing campaigns, it amazed me how few tools that exist to do this. Sure there are plenty that evaluate social media, or email, or help decipher Google Analytics, individually, but very little that seeks a comprehensive evaluation of all of these channels, with more importantly, constructive solutions on how to improve them.

These revelations have made a big impact on our path. We are going to continue to provide our agencies with top of the line project management, time tracking, accounting, sales, communication and reporting tools, but now we are aggressively developing tools that will help us bring Business Intelligence to our marketing agencies. Tools to help every employee not only do their own job better, but ones that allow improve the overall health and profitability of the advertising agency.

If things roll-out they way we want them to, we want to be the first Business Intelligence for Advertising Agencies company that exists in the market today. If you want more information about our future offering, feel free to contact us.

We know that finding the best agency for your marketing project can be difficult. Hundreds of agencies. Dozens of disciplines. Good versus great. The considerations are many. Rnked can help. Our broker team intelligently matches growing businesses and marketing agencies. We give you choice, freedom, and zero obligation in the process. Using smart data and years of experience, we take an important marketing decision -- and simply make it less difficult. You're still at the helm, but we're here, aiding along the way. And we do it without cost to you.

Michael  Koehler

Michael is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Rnked Marketing Directors.  He leads the day to day operations of the brokerage team - spending his day working with both agencies and business, trying to make amazing matches happen.