Everyone and every organization makes mistakes.  Ad agencies are no exception, but hopefully we can help you avoid some of the common ones that can really hurt an agency.

1.) Saying “Yes” to every client & project

When you need the revenue, it is easy to say “Yes” to doing a client project, even when you realize you don’t have the expertise to deliver on it.  Your client is happy with your work thus far, so why not take on this fringe project, that will make more money for you.  Why not?  Well, because this project may cost you more time and money than it's worth.  On top of not executing well on the project, you might jeopardize the whole relationship, if the project goes south.  A marketing agencies needs to know what they excel at and sell those services.  If you want to expand your services, then get the training and skills needed to execute it, before flying from the seat of your pants.

Also, agencies need to learn when a prospective new clients isn’t the right fit.  Sure they could represent some good new business, but they also could suck a lot of time, resources and energy out of your agency, if their demands are too high.  Ad agencies can tell pretty quickly if a prospective client is one they want or not.  If your gut tells you no, then you might be better off forgoing the client, and looking for a better match.

2.) Not doing your research

Marketing agencies are always having to make decisions, whether it is about their own operations, their clients' marketing or human resources to name a few.  Each of them requires some time and effort to really research to make sure they are making the correct decision.  Unfortunately, many agencies are just so busy they don’t have time to really think through the ramifications of their decisions.  

Interview a recent freelancer and hire them on?  How much research did you do into their previous work?  Did you call any references?  A few minutes doing some research could save you from a lot of headache.  Are you considering new software?  Have you tested it out?  Read some reviews?  Make sure it is the right choice for your agency.

3.) Not making your marketing real-time

Good creative agencies are making editorial calendars for their clients, and delivering monthly on these promises.  That’s a great tactic, and puts your agency above a lot of agencies that are scrambling week-by-week.  What happens though if a big event or news-worthy story comes up in the month, that the client could really capitalize on?  Stick with your calendar?  In this day and age, you need to work in real-time.  If something is happening, and your client could blog about it and see significant traffic, that should trump the planned calendar any day of the week.  Make your marketing real-time and your clients will appreciate the extra effort, and exposure that will result.

4.) Relying too much on freelancers

Usings freelancers is usually a good idea.  It allows you to do more work, without the overhead an employee would take.  But how much do your freelancers really care about your clients?  Probably not as much as you do.  When are the freelancers available?  You’ve got a deadline to meet, but your freelancer decided to take a long weekend, you didn’t know about it, and now they are gone.  Freelancers can keep you nimble, but if you rely on them too heavily it could be a big mistake that you’ll soon regret.

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Michael  Koehler

Michael is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Rnked Marketing Directors.  He leads the day to day operations of the brokerage team - spending his day working with both agencies and business, trying to make amazing matches happen.